Thursday, March 15, 2012

Mixed Media Square Cards

I've really been honing my art skills and think I am now ready to proceed with this project.  At any rate, I'm already 54 and I've wanted to do this since I was about 25 so I better stop procrastinating. I've done a lot of mixed media, which should be useful in the making of these cards. And in an unrelated project, I've been doing square foot paintings, and if I take those to the printer and shrink them down, it will work for these cards as well.  I just have to focus on the card themes and take them one by one, right?

This style is acrylic paint.
This art book is watercolor.

LIfe Moves On

Peter did indeed pass on after that last post.  It was hard on my daughter, who was expecting at the time. She had a really long labor and then a beautiful son and named him Weston. Soon after that her family bought their dream home. I wish them much happiness after the tragic loss of her father in law. He didn't live to see his newest grandson.

If you smoke, please stop. Find a way. It's important.