Monday, August 2, 2010


I kept getting the name Peter over and over again. In three days I met 3 different men named Peter, one all the way from the Phillipeans. So I knew the message had to be important but what could it mean? Peter means rock and also there's the Peter in the bible, the 'rock' of the church.

Then my daughter called. She had gone to the hospital to find out the sex of her unborn baby. And it's going to be a boy. But her father-in-law was in the same hospital so her and hubby went to say hello and give him the great news that he was going to have a grandson. And when they got to his room, they found out he has terminal cancer. The prognosis is 6 months to live if he doesn't have chemo and a year if he does. And you probably guessed it, his name is Peter.

So my daughter's great joy was eclipsed by this tragic news. And if he dies, he'll be the 2nd family member I lost to lung cancer, including my mother a few years ago. I do hope he's alive to see the birth of his grandson, due in early December.

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